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If you have a spouse or domestic partner that will be included in your Estate Plan, you must select the drop down menu Add Spouse or Domestic Partner and provide their name and contact details as requested.

Identify Your Agency

Identify Status

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Property Addresses


If you own more than one timeshare do not include/list them together. List each timeshare separately by selecting the drop down menu Add Another Timeshare. We also need you to include your timeshare Member/Owner identification number for each timeshare.

Family Declarations

List only your natural or adopted children. Do not include step-children, they will be reflected in your Spouse/Domestic partner's family declarations.


You are the initial Trustee(s) of your Trust. You will continue to manage and control all your assets both titled assets (your home, bank accounts, investments) and personal property (furniture, jewelry, guns) as you did before you formed your Trust. If you are married or have a domestic partner and they will continue to manage and control assets upon either your incapacitation or death list them as your First Successor Trustee.

You need to appoint (2) additional trusted Successor Trustees/Executors to manage, invest and distribute all of your assets according to the terms and conditions of your Trust upon ALL initial Trustees incapacitation or death. We do not recommend naming the beneficiaries of your Trust to act as the Trustees.

Election of Guardians of Minor Children


If both biological parents should die without legal guardianship nominations for minor children, their children will be placed in Foster Care by State law until a family member or friend files a petition for a Court Order to assign them legal guardianship. Without legal guardianship nominations in place prior to your death, the Court will decide who will raise your children. Take control and nominate the Guardians you want to raise your children in the order in which you would like them to act as Guardians for your minor children.

Pet Guardians

The Pet Guardian takes responsibility for all pets living at the time of your incapacity or death to ensure they have appropriate homes.

Distribution of Estate Assets

10% @ 18YRS

25% @ 25YRS

Balance @ 30YRS

If you have children or beneficiaries over the age 30 and they have completed college and/or have an income producing job/career you may want to give them a lump sum inheritance upon your passing. However, if you have younger children or beneficiaries you may want to avoid them receiving a lump sum inheritance and set up a child's trust for distributions.

Inheritance Options

How do you want your child/beneficiary to inherit your assets?

Inheritance Percentage

What percentage of your assets does your child/beneficiary inherit?

Special Needs Trusts

If you have a minor or adult child receiving Medicare, Medi-Cal and/or SSI benefits or any other State or Federal assistance for a disability and you want to include them as a beneficiary in your estate, you risk the discontinuation of their benefits and the providing agency claiming their inheritance to repay prior or future benefits.

There is a way to PROTECT their inheritance and benefits. Make sure to discuss this with our team during your scheduled Estate Planning Interview. Please provide us with information regarding the name, age, and disability of your child and any information you want us to know and consider below so we can advise you as to how to provide protection for them upon your passing.

Advanced Medical Directives

If you are incapacitated temporarily or permanently and unable to make medical decisions for yourself you must legally nominate who you want to make your medical decisions. No one including a spouse or any other family member can make medical decisions without a legal nomination or a court order would be required.

The Health Care Privacy Act (HIPAA) prohibits a doctor or hospital from discussing your medical condition or share medical records with anyone (even a spouse). Therefore, an Advanced Medical Directive is a critical document to protect you if you become injured or have a medical condition that leaves you unable to make your own medical decisions. Please nominate a primary and one alternate agent below.

Spouse or Domestic Partner

Directive to Physicians (aka Living Will)

A Directive to Physicians does not prevent use of life support if there is ANY possibility of recovery. If life support can save your life and you could return to normal functioning you will be provided with full life support measures. A Directive to Physicians prevents you from being retained indefinitely on life support if you have a physical or mental condition where there is no possibility of recovery as determined by 2 doctors and in agreement with your spouse or children.

The Directive to Physicians protects you from any contest by other family members which could prevent you from being removed from life support even if that was your desire. Removal from life support is usually recommended when you have an irreversible and fatal condition such as no brain activity, no organ function, a persistive vegetative state or at the end of a terminal illness to prevent you from being retained indefinitely on life support with no possibility of recovery.

Spouse or Domestic Partner

Durable Power of Attorney for Management of Property and Personal Affairs

A General Power of Attorney for Management of Property and Personal Affairs allows for a trusted person to act as your "Agent" upon your incapacitation. This person can sign tax returns, access your bank accounts, sign loan documents, deal with your creditors, pay bills and have access to all assets needed for your support and your spouse or children’s care during your incapacitation. For a person to act in this capacity without this document would require a court hearing and order which is expensive and time-consuming when you may need immediate access.

Primary Agent

Primary Agent


Memorial Service

Celebration of Life Party

Memorial Service

Celebration of Life Party

Specific Disinheritance

If there is any blood relative(s) that you do not ever want to have an inheritance claim in the event your named beneficiaries are all no longer living list there names here.

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